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Strategy & Transformation

Strategy and Transformation projects are ultimately about one thing: improving organisational effectiveness. MAPS focus on 5 key areas when working with our: leadership, decision making and structure, people, work processes and systems, and culture.

Organisational Effectiveness is usefully defined as the efficiency with which an association is able to meet its objectives. This means an organisation that produces a desired effect or an organisation that is productive with a minimum of waste. In addition, for an organisation to achieve and sustain success, it needs to adapt to its dynamic environment.


In an ever-evolving world, it is critical to recognise and capitalise on opportunities for transformational growth; to optimise core business while exploring the new. But this can only happen when an organisation is aligned with its strategic intent – when it has integrated a set of co-ordinated actions across its business units, from executive management to front-line staff. It is not about creating strategic documents, but strategic organisations.


At MAPS, our team works with our customer organisations to support individuals to do everything they know how to do and to do it well. MAPS can help improve organisational efficiency by increasing the capacity of an organisation to produce the desired results with a minimum expenditure of energy, time, money, and human and material resource.

Process Optimisation

Business Processes need to be efficient and effective. As a business evolves and develops, its business processes need to be reviewed and revised to continue to make sure the business is getting maximum value from its resources.

MAPS Business Analysts typically consider the following areas as opportunities for improvement when working with customers on business process optimisation initiatives:

· Repetition or excessive manual actions and activities within a process

· Duplication or replication of tasks within a process

· Lack of standardisation or multiple variants of the same process

· Late, incomplete or inaccurate data capture

· Excessive reliance on key individuals for their knowledge or experience

· The goals of the change are consistent with the organisation’s strategic aims

· The change improves efficiency and makes jobs easier. Benefits of the change are immediately obvious, supported by evidence, and believed by the stakeholders.

· There is a system in place to identify evidence of progress and monitor progress, act on it, and communicate results.

· Staff have been involved from the beginning of the change and adequately trained to sustain a new process. Staff feel empowered as part of the change process, and believe the improvement will be sustained. Organisational leaders take responsibility for efforts to sustain the change process, and staff generally share information with and seek advice from the senior leader.

· The process can be adapted if and when other organisational changes are made, and there is a system for continually improving the process.

Technical Solutions

MAPS design systems that simply work. Our solutions will help you to collect your data and to deliver real time information in order to achieve effective process outcomes. Our Team have extensive experience in the design and architecture of innovative and robust web applications, databases and mobile solutions that increase business efficiency, allowing our Customers to focus on what’s important to them.

We customise each delivery to meet your particular project needs, guaranteeing the best use of your time, maximising the return on your investment, and ensuring that you have the tools to deliver better and faster results.

MAPS’ Technical Solutions Team are focused on process improvements through technology. Our customers know their business intimately and at MAPS we are fluent in the latest process and technology. This combination provides the perfect platform for innovation which is at the heart of our business.

We approach every project brief with fresh new entrepreneurial thinking, adding value through inventive and creative digital solutions. Detailed research, user-centric design, user testing and best practices lead to exceptional user experiences that deliver real results.


An innovation oriented, experienced firm.

We focus on providing high quality services and solutions to a broad range of customers both nationally and internationally. MAPS’ customer base includes many Public Sector and Third Level Education organisations, as well as customers from private industry, and the company strives to create and maintain long term successful relationships with customers.

Leveraging our advanced business and technical skills, we use the language of business with sponsors to understand what drives the organisation and what challenges they face.

We have completed over 1500 Projects 

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