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We focus on providing high quality
services and solutions to a broad range
of customers both nationally and

Our History

MAPS (Management and Professional Services Ireland Ltd.) is an Irish company, established in its current form in 2006 after a merger with ACSI, its primary strategic partner at the time.


MAPS, incorporated in 2002, and Applied Computing Solutions Ireland (ACSI), incorporated in 2000, began working closely together in 2003, formed a strategic partnership in 2005 and ultimately merged in 2006. Both companies recognised the emerging opportunities for an organisation that could work well with people and use modern technology to enable process improvement.


Since 2006 the we have expanded and developed our permanent workforce based in Galway, recognising growing customer demands for reliability and continuity of supply while offering a diverse and agile multidisciplinary team.

Our Vision

We focus on providing high quality services and solutions to a broad range of customers both nationally and internationally. MAPS’ customer base includes many Public Sector and Third Level Education organisations, as well as customers from private industry, and the company strives to create and maintain long term successful relationships with customers.


MAPS’ Team is dedicated to the art of designing and delivering valuable, strategic business solutions.

Leveraging our advanced business and technical skills, we use the language of business with sponsors to understand what drives the organisation and what challenges they face. Working together with our customers we deliver functional, robust solutions to those challenges.

MAPS Core Values

• We trust each other to be honest, truthful
and ethical.


• We respect the dignity of our colleagues
and customers, and we treat everyone with
equal regard.


• We honour our commitments, and we are
accountable for our actions, successes and


• We respect customer confidentiality and
our discretion can be relied upon.

• We value diversity, and we are committed to common goals.


• We work together in an atmosphere of open communication, to ensure that the best interests of the company and our customers are served.


• We support each other to maintain the highest professional standards, to meet or exceed expectations, and to provide value to our customers.

• We strive for a culture and approach that actively seeks out change and promotes innovation and improvement,to ensure that the company continues to grow and evolve.


• We promote personal initiative and autonomy.We value creative solutions that draw on courage and imagination.

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