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MAPS provide our Customers with
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the relevant qualifications,
and proven experience
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Organisational Effectiveness

Effective organisations define this as the efficiency with which an association is able to meet its
objectives. This means an organisation that produces a desired effect or an organisation that is productive
with a minimum of waste. In addition, for an organisation to achieve and sustain success, it needs to
adapt to its dynamic environment.

At MAPS, our team works with our customer organisations to support individuals to do everything they
know how to do and to do it well. MAPS can help improve organisational efficiency by increasing the
capacity of an organisation to produce the desired results with a minimum expenditure of energy, time,
money, and human and material resource.

MAPS focus on five key areas when working with our customers: leadership, decision making and
structure, people, work processes and systems, and culture.

Customer Journeys

Great customer experiences start with an in-depth understanding of the customer, their needs and
the journey they take with an organisation. At MAPS we work with organisations to build strong relationships with their customers and to optimise the customer experience with the organisation.

With customers, every interaction, be it call, visit, click or swipe, is an opportunity to build on the growing relationship.

To make the most of these opportunities, separate data sources, support teams and tools, as well as customer attitudes, attributes and behaviours, need to be connected and mapped across touchpoints and channels. At both the individual and aggregate level, this organised view provides an intuitive and holistic understanding of the customer and their journey.


Shifts in customer behaviour, key interaction patterns, agent performance, and process  bottlenecks all become evident from the perspective of the customer journey.


MAPS focus on breaking down the artificial barriers between channels and learning from the available
data in order to minimise customer efforts, remedy bottlenecks and reduce operational costs.

Innovative Solutions

Our customers know their business intimately and at MAPS we are fluent in the latest process and technology.

This combination provides the perfect platform for innovation which is at the heart of our business.


We approach every project brief with fresh new entrepreneurial thinking, adding value through inventive and creative digital solutions. Detailed research, user-centric design, user testing and best practices lead to exceptional user experiences that deliver real result.

Process Optimisations

Change and improvement initiatives are all well and good but how does an organisation make sure they can be sustained?
At MAPS we work closely with the customer team to make sure that positive changes are sustainable in the organisation. We do this by making sure the project can apply the following principles: The goals of the change are consistent with the organisation’s strategic aims The change improves efficiency and makes jobs easier. Benefits of the change are immediately obvious, supported by evidence, and believed by the stakeholders.


There is a system in place to identify evidence of progress and monitor progress, act on it, and communicate results. Staff have been involved from the beginning of the change and adequately trained to sustain a new
process. Staff feel empowered as part of the change process, and believe the improvement will be sustained. Organisational leaders take responsibility for efforts to sustain the change process, and staff generally share information with and seek advice from the senior leader.


The process can be adapted if and when other organisational changes are made, and there is a system for continually improving the process.


Our Team Of Professionals

Professional Services Team

MAPS’ work in partnership with Customers across all industry sectors.
We advise you on a range of options that, from our experience, always have positive impact where it matters most. We work with you to provide solutions that help to optimise your processes, to improve your decision making, and to be smarter and more agile in your business.


MAPS Professional Services Team help our Customers to transform their companies to a more streamlined and effective future state. Our Team have extensive experience in the below areas.

Technical Solutions Team

MAPS design systems that simply work. Our tools will help you deliver real time information from your data and plan effectively for the future.


We customise each delivery to meet your particular project needs, guaranteeing the best use of your time, maximising the return on your investment, and ensuring that you have the skills to deliver better and faster results.


MAPS’ Technical Solutions Team are focused on process improvements through technology.Our Team have extensive experience in the design and architecture of innovative and robust web applications, databases and mobile solutions that increase business efficiency, allowing our Customers to focus on what’s important to them.


Our areas of expertise include:

Business Consultancy

MAPS’ Business Consultants provide in-depth analysis of existing Customer practices, and make recommendations for improvement.

We act as change catalysts, implementation advisors, and provide mentoring and leadership.

We also help our customers with Change Management,
transitioning individuals, teams, and organisations using methods intended to re-direct the use of resources, business process, budget allocations, or other modes of operation that significantly reshape a
company or organisation.

Knowledge and Experience

MAPS have wide ranging Business and Technical knowledge and experience, and the ability to work with both our Customers’ Business and Technical Staff.

We have a long track record of successfully delivering complex business projects, based on a clear understanding of Customer Requirements and Business Cases.

MAPS are committed to delivering business
projects more successfully than our competitors, and to identifying repeatable business outcomes.

Programme and Project Management

MAPS’ accredited Programme and Project Managers provide external Project Management resources to our Customers.
We can work both onsite and offsite to develop and maintain the Project Plan, schedule and facilitate Team meetings, provide comprehensive progress updates
and actions, facilitate effective Team communications, ensure adherence to the project timeline, resolve issues, maintain the Risk Register, and report to Project
Sponsor or Steering Group. Our proven project management methods ensure that projects are delivered on time, on budget and to the agreed quality standard.

Business Analysis

MAPS’ accredited Business Analysts work with our Customers to discover and understand business change needs and assess the business impact of those changes. We capture, document and analyse requirements, and support the communication and delivery of requirements with key  stakeholders. Our Analysts contribute to the outcome of a project as part of a team, and work on stakeholder engagement and consultation,
business process analysis mapping and optimisation, process automation and requirements analysis, and workshop facilitation. We use the latest BPMN 2.0 tools to provide our customers with process maps in a format that meets their needs. 

Data Analysis

MAPS’ Data Analysts focus on analysis and
problem solving relating to data, types of data, and relationships among data elements within a business or IT system. 
We provide extensive knowledge and skills in key analytics and data visualisation technologies. Our Data Analysis translates numbers into plain English, and we provide our Customers with reports, graphical
representations and data visualisation according to their needs.

Software Quality and Testing

MAPS’ accredited Quality and Test Team analyse, review and assess requirements and design specifications for our software solutions, applications and databases. We
review and contribute to test plans, as well as identifying test conditions and creating test designs, test cases, test procedure specifications and test data. Our Team test all MAPS applications and databases, as
well as 3rd party applications and systems, adhering to proven test procedures, to ensure that each application meets the customer specification and that our rigorous
quality standards are met. We also develop
all related documentation, including release
notes and User Guides.

Solution Architecture

MAPS’ Solutions Architect organises the Development Team, and is responsible for the vision that underlies the solution and the execution of that vision into the solution. We build solutions and applications for a
reason, and we help our Customers to develop a business case based on business process improvement. We elicit customer requirements and design a solution and appropriate Architecture to meet Customer requirements. Our Solution Architect facilitates regular and effective consultation and communications with the
Development Team, Quality / Test Team and our Customers.

Software and Database Development 

MAPS’ accredited Software and Database Developers create software solutions and
applications to help our Customers to be more efficient and to provide a better service to their own staff and clients. We design a database or application to match
the specification, and build robust and structured Software Solutions and Applications using the latest technologies,
mainly based on the Microsoft Stack. Our Developers play a key role in the design, development, testing and maintenance of software systems, and maintain regular
consultation with the Solution Architect and Quality and Test Team throughout the development lifecycle. Our Database Administrators retrieve and input large 
amounts of sensitive data to software applications and databases, and complete quality control checks throughout the process.

Document Management

MAPS’ Document Management Team provides a fully managed service to our Customers involving scanning and indexing paper documents, performing quality
checks and validation, and archiving the newly created electronic files to our secure servers before delivering them to the Customer in the required format. MAPS is
registered with the Data Commissioner, and we apply appropriate security measures to Customer data to protect it from unauthorised access or disclosure, and
ensure that Customer requirements are met with regard to deletion of electronic data, destruction of paper files, and the return of Electronic Data and / or paper files to the Customer.

Customer Training

MAPS’ accredited Customer Trainers are responsible for providing technical and instructional expertise in MAPS software applications to our customers. We provide
formal, onsite training as well as demonstrations and presentations of our applications, in line with Customer

Customer Support

MAPS’ Customer Support Team provides support for all of MAPS’ applications and systems via our Helpdesk. We respond to Customer generated support tickets, create
support tickets from Customer emails or calls, and answer end-user questions. Our Team troubleshoot and resolve Customer specific technical and end-user cases, and assist with escalation as necessary. We also act as Super User for our applications when requested, and provide onsite or remote support as required.

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