November 22,2021

Category: ISO 27701

ISO 27701, a new International recognised Standard and what you need to know about it!

MAPS recently became amongst the first ISO 27701 certificated Organisations in Ireland and I can say with certainty that the experience was a very positive one for…


August 31,2021

Category: ISO 9001

To Control or not Control a Document?

“Do I really need to control this document?” is a question that everyone asks about their quality system. The words "document control” when it comes to ISO…


July 12,2021

Category: ISO 27001

What is ISO 27001 and what can your Organisation gain from implementing it?

Are you familiar with the benefits of ISO 27001, the standard for Information Security? Did you know that this standard can help your Organisation meet obligations under…


June 4,2021

Category: Cyber Security

How to recover from a cyber-attack

Successfully restoring 44 of our software application instances this week has been intense but satisfying work! When one of our important customers contacted us recently about the…


August 14,2019

Category: BPM

Business Process Mapping

BPM Although many organizations use written words alone to describe their processes and project requirements, in most cases it does prove more advantageous to portray the essence…

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